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Active Vendors


Halawa In 1830 Abdullah AlHalwani started Making Halawa in Damascus, then the Journey started almost 2 Centuries ago with his famous Halawa, that reached Saudi Arabia& arrived to Jeddah. The 1st Halwani factory in “Bab Makkah” in 1952. The story continues with the Grandchildren to bring you back the original “Halawa 1830” like it’s supposed to be when it all began. Artisan natural Halawa that is full of nutrients and minerals.

Korkom w Komkom

Founded in 2016, Korkom Komkom inspires children to embrace healthy lifestyles, focusing on nutritious eating habits. We make health fun through sports, cooking, art, and education. Our new food line showcases delicious, healthy choices. Experience our tasty products and holistic approach at the Balad Al Fan event.


Indulge in Pure, Plant-based Perfection. In a world where every choice matters, Nabati reflects the beauty of conscious cuisine. The menu is curated with the utmost care, ensuring that every offering is not only a delight to the palate but also kind to the planet.


Led by Chef Ola Kayal, a trilingual Saudi national with two degrees, has trained at a three Michelin star restaurant in Europe and successfully launched a plant-based ice cream business in the US.

Tayibat Al Hijaz

For a true taste of Hijazi Food, Tayibat Al Hijaz is a specialized restaurant for all kind of Hijazi Goodies. From Breakfast bites to Lunch and Dinner, it's where you can find delicious and feels like home meal.

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