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Balad  AlFann

Al Balad is the heart and soul of Jeddah, overflowing with culture and history. It's the perfect canvas for any art story.

Balad Al Fann is a project under the theme “Past Forward” and it features art exhibitions, music programs, various art activities and of course, local culinary experiences.

Culinary Curators

Balad Al Fann is an immersive cultural event held in the heart of Jeddah's historic district, Al Balad. As the Culinary Curator for this project, our role encompassed key areas, each aimed at enriching the culinary experience of attendees and celebrating the vibrant food culture of Jeddah.
For Vendor Curation and Management, we selected and managed a diverse range of vendors to offer high-quality and safe culinary experiences, ensured adherence to health and safety standards while maintaining the authenticity of the culinary offerings. & oversaw vendor operations during the program to ensure a seamless experience for attendees.
As Asfar, we Orchestrated Balad Al Fann's VIP Inaugural Dinner - We collaborated with renowned Chef Nora Haron alongside Chef Nawal, to design an innovative fusion menu, BrickLab & Misht Studio for the art experience.
​The  Community Dinner also showcased traditional local cuisine, providing attendees with a journey back to the roots of Jeddah's culinary heritage.
​Through meticulous curation and coordination, the culinary aspect of Balad Al Fann contributed significantly to the overall cultural experience, showcasing the diversity and richness of Jeddah's food scene. From traditional community dinners to innovative culinary fusions, each culinary event left attendees with a deeper appreciation for Jeddah's cultural heritage and culinary traditions.
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