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Traveling is the ascent from real to realm
Travel is the reality of all things

It is the vital structure and the continuous movement pattern of this world from the atom to the galaxy


AlUla was the meeting place for trade caravans and an oasis of comfort for them, so merchants would travel through it. It is also an open museum of rock carvings, so people travel to it to enjoy its beauty and mild atmosphere.

The meeting place of travels will be the local shelter, to which people from different regions also travel to taste the taste of AlUla and you feel art, peace and tranquility, and you get to know one of the aspects of our beloved kingdom and our ancient heritage.

Women of the old town prepared simple and rich recipes from the oasis and the harvest. Bread was prepared on daily basis, from grinding the wheat to making the flour. The selection was often made for simple recipes that kept them warm in the colder months, and some of the more laborious meals were left to celebrations and special occasions.


People used to eat what they grow. Many foods depended on wheat, such as bread, groats, freekeh, and harissa soup, as well as vegetables such as squash, okra, molokhia, and others. The method of eating was humble in one large plate on a circular table made of palm fronds called a nafiya, and the family

gathered around it.

Traditional cuisine is a delight for the senses and a reminder of the town's unique culture. Inspired by recipes handed down by the families and women of AlUla, comes a culinary experience that brings you closer to the local culture and surrounding nature. T his was the inspiration for our dining experience at Asfar. A destination for healthy, seasonal and local food.

The name " comes from the word " where travelers used to come and meet, specifically in the old town, to exchange goods.

Asfar's kitchen relies on the principles of using fresh, local ingredients and on the principles of zero waste

The food at Asfar is traditional, giving you a nostalgic feel. A taste that takes the senses on a journey through time to the town's ancient past.

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